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Oh, the Places
You’ll Go... LTD education

The purpose of the packs is to promote:

Sustained thinking

Encouraging parents and children to work together extending narrative and clarifying ideas.

Higher order thinking skills

Enabling children to go beyond observations demonstrating their deepened understanding of language.

Cultural capital

Mastering language preparing them for future successes.

Real-life, first-hand experiences

A vital part of early development allowing children the opportunity to explore and discover practising language and communication skills.

Awe and wonder

Moving and inspiring natural curiosity

Embed a lifelong love of reading

Looking at reading as something to look forward to, excitement, fun and interest embracing a range of emotions, feelings and ideas.

I am an experienced teacher and have developed a business to equip parents and carers with the skills and confidence needed to support their child’s early literacy, communication and language development from an early age. 

We recognise the importance of this in developing a love of reading for life yet fewer than half of 0-2 year olds are read to by a parent every day.

By starting the journey of building a lifelong love of reading for pleasure, parents are giving their child the opportunity to be the best they can be: children who read for pleasure do better in a wide range of subjects at school and it also positively impacts children’s wellbeing.

We offer sets of packs. Each set will contain 10 different packs. Each pack will contain a different book and an object related to the book.

We offer half day, or full day sessions.

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We look forward to hearing from you. 

Example book

The way to treasure island